Domestic Rewires

We Perform Domestic Rewires

We offer domestic rewires in Leeds, we specialise in residential rewires in Leeds and have an experienced team that will look after both you and your property during this process. We leave power on every night and know that a house rewire in Leeds can be a stressful experience due to carpets and floorboards being lifted and walls channeled out. We offer our own plastering service so when we finish your home rewire ir is ready to paint without the stress of finding a plasterer. We install quality electrical products only, decorative pvc switches and sockets all branded make. We treat your home like our home. A properly conducted reqire on a two bed house if done correlty will take two electricians eight days, the bigger the house the longer it takes. We offer a generic electrical specification, a base rewire package deal along with extras if you so require.  If you are looking for a dedicated team of electricians to conduct your Leeds rewire, ones that offer value, quality and respect for your home than you have come to the right place.